Mourned By Flies is an amorphous mash-up of Thrash, Industrial and Melodic/Progressive Death Metal. Drawing inspiration from bands such as In Flames, Mastodon, and Hypocrisy, Mourned By Flies has developed an industrialized symphonic backdrop to create an enormously powerful and aggressive sound.

Mourned By Flies is set to release their second album Far Beyond the Grave on July 15, 2015. Early responses to previews of the songs featured on the album have been outstanding. With the validation of the metal community, they have aimed their sights higher and are looking to the next step: signing with a label and gaining national distribution to expose more people to their commanding style of music.

Originally formed in 2006, Mourned By Flies came together as an almost spur of the moment collaborative effort involving members of local Colorado metal bands eROTic and Skinned. They have seen some changes within the band’s lineup since their inception, most recently the addition of Vocalist Parrish, and they continue to evolve as both a group and as musicians.

With their music indicating a seemingly never-ending assortment, the members of Mourned By Flies credit their creative influences to all aspects of heavy metal, accompanied by gut-wrenching life experiences. This gives way to a modern metal sound that includes equal parts of chaos, emotion and melody. The result is a powerhouse of a band with a sound that has to be heard to be believed. They offer organic instrumentations infused with synthetic elements, which in turn creates a unique and alluring sound.

Entering the music scene in 2006 with a bang in their first live show, Mourned By Flies served as support for the Finland-based 69 Eyes, a band that has been featured on the MTV show Viva La Bam. Their first live show was greeted with an amazing response from the crowd. They have since opened for national acts such as Another Black Day (formerly known as From The Ashes). Not to mention the countless Colorado bands they have shared the stage with over the past years.

Mourned By Flies continues to tirelessly perform live on a regular basis (currently on hiatus as of June, 2014), and look to keep expanding their fan base with new music, hard work, and a relentless drive. And if what the band has accomplished thus far is any indication for the future, the best and brightest is yet to come. Mourned By Flies consists of Erik Gristle (guitars/backing vocals), Greg Keenan (guitars/ backing vocals/ synth tracks), Jesse Parrish (vocals), and Skar Huwig (drums).

They carry with them a vast array of musical experience, with an impressive resume of past bands to their credit. The members’ collective list includes Mortuary Whore, Arcanium, A Dark Adopted Eye, eROTic, Skarmine, The Dacron Jesus Kult, Dismal, Famous Bacon, Dead High, Deadless, Wretched Decrepancy, Acid Reign, Angus Scrimm, and Dysorder. Skar Huwig also served as the drummer on three EP’s for The Mandrake and Mourned By Flies 2008 release, Signs of Life and is currently playing drums for Arcanium. Vocalist Erik Gristle continues to create new tracks for Mt. Cairn and Pseudogod. J. James Left the band April, 2008.